#AskDrBob: Calcium & Sunshine, Liver Cleanse, & Breastfeeding

#AskDrBob: Calcium & Sunshine, Liver Cleanse, & Breastfeeding

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These were the questions asked in this episode of #AskDrBob. If you have any general health questions, please email us, askdrbob@druglessdoctor.com, and we will present it in an upcoming episode. Thank you!

Q: Hi Dr. Bob, I followed your steps exactly for the liver detox with olive oil. My skin has been blotchy and itchy for a few days since doing the steps. Is that something I should be concerned about?

A: It is possible your liver may be congested and not able to process the oil like it should. We use a product with taurine to assist bile flow. I would also consider eating my ABCs (½ red apple, ⅓ cup beet fiber, 1 medium carrot, and a few radishes).

Q: Greetings, Dr. Bob! I’m reaching out to you to get your expertise in finding the best natural solution to aid in normalizing blood pressure. Many I encounter on prescription medications are experiencing horrific adverse side effects; therefore I am requesting your assistance for greater insight regarding this matter. Thanks in advance.

A: We have found that most blood pressure issues can be helped with the right magnesium which test on each patient to see which is the most compatible. Also, eat your greens! Contact us to determine the best magnesium for you.

Q: Dear Dr. Bob, are there safe ways to detoxify the liver and also restore weak adrenals while nursing? Thank you.

A: For your liver, I would suggest my ABC’s to begin: ½ red apple, ⅓ cup beet fiber, 1 medium carrot, and a few radishes. Your adrenals need rest, which may not be easy while nursing. I would avoid sugar, sweet fruits, and as much stress.

Q: Dr Bob, I have gallstones and blood in the urine for over a month. Doctors here have not given me a treatment yet. What can I do? Thank you.

A: I would suggest Phosphatidylcholine for the gallbladder and I would need to see a urine test (Contact Us) and even the results of a CBC to give you an opinion for the bladder. You could try Peppermint Leaf.

Link: https://store.druglessdoctor.com/phosphatidylcholine/

A: I’d like to know if you have any suggestion on Candida that has entered the bloodstream?

Q: At our practice, we utilize microscopes at our practice. You can also complete the saliva test I recommend: Gather sputum in your mouth first thing in the morning and “spit” into a glass of cold water. The sputum should float, but if it sinks, that is a potential body signal for yeast.

A: Why calcium for the sun?

Calcium literally cannibalizes the calcium in your body/cholesterol. More info in video.


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