BabyTEch US Double Breast Pumps – Electric Breast Pump w/ 4 Phase

BabyTEch US Double Breast Pumps - Electric Breast Pump w/ 4 Phase
100% SAFE MATERIAL/BPA-FREE – The Babytec breast pumps are made of all BPA-free material so you can rest assured that the liquid gold, better known as breast milk, will be 100% safe for your baby to consume. Every piece is BPA-free so no chemicals can leach into the container.
SUPER QUIET PUMP – Using babytec low-noise breast pumps, you will have no worries about waking your baby when pumping during a nap or bedtime. Our electric breast pump offers a quiet pumping experience without disturbing your family or your colleagues. Sometimes we need to be a little more discreet, and the pump volume being lower helps tremendously.
4 MODES AND 8 AJUSTABLE SUCTION POWER – Our portable breast pumps provide a gentle and comfortable experience like the natural quivering suckles of a baby. Massages and stimulates breasts before pumping- completely comfortable and pain free. Massage mode, stimulation mode, expression mode and automatic expression mode.
COMPACT DESIGN & USB CHARGING– Babytec portable breast pumps are very compact, and so easy to carry with you – literally just slip it into a large purse (along with your other personal items) and leave for your workday. This USB charging breast pumps are equipped with a big capacity lithium battery.
QUICK ASSEMBLY & LED TOUCHABLE SCREEN– Piece together, double-pump usage, quick take-apart + cleaning. The anti-backflow design prevents leaking and lets breast milk go directly into the bottle instead of into the tube and motor. This design prevents contamination and makes for even less to clean! Big LED touchable screen allows mom able to clearly see the mode and suction level of her pumping. 24-month warranty includes Parts & labor.


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