Breast Milk Alcohol Test strip review

Breast Milk Alcohol Test strip review

Provides peace of mind.
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I am a first time mom and breastfeeding. I wanted to enjoy a glass of wine on Valentine’s day. I drank a glass of wine with dinner and then tested abut 2.5 hours later to see if it was ok to feed my little one All you need to do is express a small amount of breast milk onto the strip and wait as directed on the package. I was pretty sure it had cleared my system as I only had 4 oz of wine but this made me feel secure feeding my child. I’m sure it will come in handy further down the line if I am out at a wedding or dinner and have a few drinks. I probably won’t use it again if I am only having 1 drink as I believe waiting 2.5 hours is sufficient enough to ensure the alcohol has cleared my system.
missed my wine for the 9 months I was pregnant! I was exclusively pumping and was dying for a glass of wine, but did not want to feed the milk to my little one if it had alcohol. These were so easy to use! Fast and efficient. I knew instantly if the milk was good to go if the strip changed color. It was such a relief!love these!! This is my second pack to purchase. They have been very helpful for me and I have tried while drinking and not just to make sure they don’t give false positives or negatives, and from what I have seen, they work as they should! I’m very happy with these and will continue to purchase them for the duration of my breastfeeding!


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