breast milk, express breast milk by hand

breast milk, express breast milk by hand

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These are relaxing and enjoyable moments for you both, and they bring you closer together emotionally.Get educated: Learn about nursing before your baby’s birth – through books, articles, videos, mom friends, or a class
Set up for success: Use a breastfeeding pillow or other soft support to help you position your baby correctly.
Ask the experts: Take advantage of lactation consultants and nurses at your hospital or birth center.
Establish the latch: A good latch is key. Your baby’s mouth should be wide open (think fish lips) and should cover the areola.
Don’t expect a waterfall: Small amounts of nutrient-rich colostrum are all your nursing baby gets at first. Don’t worry, it’s enough for now.

14 Benefits of Breastfeeding:
– Helps prevent constipation
– Reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes
– Reduce the risk of various infections
– Helps prevent allergies and asthma
– Help prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome )
– Helps prevent tooth decay
– Baby smarter
– Creates closeness and bonding between mother and baby
– Helps the uterus return to normal size
– Helps the body control bleeding
– Reduce the risk of breast and uterine cancer
– Helping diet after giving birth
– Reducing the cost of purchasing infant formula
– saving time

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