Breastfeeding after c-section delivery

Breastfeeding after c-section delivery

Hi friends

Welcome to my channel. Forgive me if the video is too stretchy, i will try & improve in my future videos.

This video is going to about how to breastfeed your baby after you had a c-section delivery???, why is it so important to feed breast milk to your baby??? and how to handle the difficulties of breastfeedig when you had a c-section.

So, say YES to breastfeeding and let our babies grow with good health.

Watch full video whether you should give your baby breastmilk or formula milk.

Even the formula milk companies say,
“Mother’s milk is the best milk”.

So think and understand what is best for our baby..
I will upload a video on how to increase breast milk supply very soon.

Thank you for watching my video. Comment below if you have any questions.
Stay tunes for more upcoming videos.
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