breastfeeding at one year | update

breastfeeding at one year | update

We did it! We made it to a year of breastfeeding!!!

Some things I forgot to mention:
1. Jacob stopped waking up for a 5am feed around 11 months. YAY!
2. The feeding schedule is what generally happens, if he gets hurt or is sick he will have extra feeds. I’m happy to let Jacob randomly feed whenever he asks. I will usually offer water first though, incase he is actually just thirsty.
3. Weaning… I have been thinking about weaning a lot since this video and it makes me sad! I am really not ready to give up breastfeeding yet, and even though I said Jacob isn’t that attached to breastfeeding, thinking about it more I think he is. I could pretty much make a whole video on my thoughts on weaning and I may do just that!
4. is the best resource I have found for breastfeeding!! Check it out.
5. It is sometimes hard to get information or support for breastfeeding past a year, just keep doing what you are doing! Don’t worry too much about volumes (Jacob is noway getting 600mls of milk a day??!!) and remember that breastmilk does count as part of their calcium intake, don’t stress about dairy.
6. Jacob went through a biting stage around 6-7 months. It was a bit painful but he got over it. He has 12 teeth now, and the only trouble they cause me is when his upper front teeth rub whilst he is feeding on my left side. I change positions for a few days if I am getting an abrasion, and try to get him to latch better.

Please contact a lactation consultant, midwife, doctor, la leche league or breastfeeding group if you yourself are having trouble breastfeeding. You shouldn’t have to suffer with breastfeeding and when it goes right, it’s the bees knees.

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