Breastfeeding Tips on How to Get a Deep Latch & How to Avoid Pain While Nursing

Breastfeeding Tips on How to Get a Deep Latch & How to Avoid Pain While Nursing

Breastfeeding is WONDERFUL… but often difficult as well. If you’re asking, “Should breastfeeding hurt?” The answer is “No, it doesn’t mama!” In this video, you’ll be guided through how to get a deep latch and how to get a GOOD latch. Painful nursing can really dampen the experience of breastfeeding for mothers when nursing should be a beautiful bonding time. But knowing how to get my baby to latch correctly can be a huge game changer and turn that pain while nursing into absolute bliss.

This video will show how to breastfeed for first time mom and a 5th time mom by covering best nursing position of newborn, how to get a proper latch, nipple pain, and signs that baby wants to latch. These breastfeeding tips will help you conquer any breastfeeding pain, uncertainty, and fear!

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All information provided in this video should never replace the advice of your doctor. Always direct questions to your care provider regarding your specific situation.

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