Can each breast produce different milk?

Can each breast produce different milk?

I’m not a supporter of the said guru.. But this post was shared to me by clients and I wanted to post an explanation being a lactation educator and counselor.

Both breasts can produce milk that’s different in composition, colour or antibodies depending on the child that’s drinking.. The baby’s enzymes gets into the nipples though an enzyme back wash and can communicate with the breast what kind of milk to produce.. That’s why moms make tailor made milk for babies according to what stage of development the baby is in and more antibodies if the baby is sick. This is one reason we ask moms to feed through most illnesses.

Pre term baby’s mom’s milk is different compared to a term baby’s.. it’s fascinating… I’ve had clients that are feeding an infant and a toddler on either breasts and have told the colour and consistency of the milk varies from time to time.. Those who are interested can read more on entero mammary pathway. One of the most interesting aspects of immunity building. And more than gyns this comes under the scope of learning of a lactation consultant. You can see this information on all lactation specific pages and groups. Milk Meg on fb discusses this often.

An article on this-
Now regarding each twin, unless the mom constantly puts one twin at one breast and makes sure she doesn’t mix up the breasts then this is possible. Else obviously there will be a standard composition of milk that both twins will get. 😁😁 regarding milk being different for boys and girls, research has just begun, but yes milk does have some sex specific components. until solid research material is available on this, I can’t comment much.
full video on what exactly the guru says, is available on @asiavilletamil
check their fb or insta handle. .
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