Colostrum: The First Breast Milk in Mammals (including Humans!) That Turn of the Genes in the Gut

Colostrum:  The First Breast Milk in Mammals (including Humans!) That Turn of the Genes in the Gut


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So, the first 3 to 5 days of mammal’s milk, human, cow, sheep, goat, camel is not the regular milk after birth, its colostrum.

Colostrum is very very different than breast milk. It has hundreds of different peptides in it whose job it is to turn the genes on in the gut. Because when the fetus is in utero, it has advanced intestinal permeability which is normal.

The fetus has been living in this soup that goes in the eyes, ears, mouth, everywhere. The umbilical cord is taking out the waste products.
But then it’s the job of colostrum to turn on the genes in the gut. It says “okay let’s close those tight junctions, now the food is coming down- it’s going to be different. It’s not going to be automatic anymore and your digestive system is going to have to start working.”

When a baby comes down the birth canal in natural childbirth, the bacteria in the birth canal, prevotella, (which is not measurable at any other time but during the last third of pregnancy and for the birth), is the most dominant bacteria in the vaginal tract. Why?

When the baby is born it gets covered with this bacteria and the bacteria says “here’s the code of the protein of the milk that’s going to be coming to you.” So the baby is getting the code that turns on the genes.

The code says, “Oh look, here comes the mammal’s milk, I need to make this enzyme, and this enzyme, to digest proteins out of it so I can grow.”

And this all this happens with colostrum. And that’s why colostrum is such a great product because of the hundreds of genes it turns on to help bring a healthy balanced intestinal environment.

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