Ella Mom is the oldest girl who just got birth this morning, but she has little strength

Ella Mom is the oldest girl who just got birth this morning, but she has little strength

Ella Mom is the oldest girl who just got birth this morning, but she has little strength#TvDaily

Monkeys have always been regarded as fun, adorable and entertainingly witty creatures.
If you spend your time to learn more about monkeys you must understand that monkeys look like human a hundred percent because the way they feed baby and everything as human. Within this monkey video, you are going to watch the show regarding Ella Mother monkey and newborn baby monkey which is very useful for people who are interested in Tv Daily. If you like our job here in https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj9cNcn1LkrdCsxPCUKFkzQ, please help to our youtube channel or head to our video playlist to find out more great videos.
Highlighted video:

Amazing Mom Monkey! the baby was newborn and the mother washed the pond

A pretty newborn baby born today
We hope the baby in his mother’s arms is healthy

We started looking after a mother who was in poor health

Pity Mom! ! Looks like Mom is Poor health, Power down -Tv Daily

Congratulations newborn baby today at 13-14-2019 (No Name)

Helpo baby eating

Update name , Baby girl is name Dory and Annie Mom -Tv Daily

Due to the loss of the baby Valentino when Button has captured the baby Jerry -Tv Daily

Mounta mother take care baby

Jordan cried out because Hando was thrown out on the top of the tree

Baby is willing to sleep warmly on his mother’s chest

A Young Monkey catchs the baby because he does’t leave from her, but the baby to tries run away

Doris pulled DoDo’s hand from the other monkeys -Pity Baby DoDo

DoDo Still has Power and runs with his Mother
DoDo needs to consume regular amounts of milk, but it is difficult for the baby to get breast milk
Yuko was also catching by the girl. Really pity Yuko …https://youtu.be/ODv0DRQTsto
Rylee children  screamed out loud because the mother was holding he up

DoDo is not free to walk away from the mother -OMG! DoDo Baby

DoDo is not free to walk away from the mother -OMG! DoDo Baby
Many lovely babies who live with DoDo and his mother

DoDo is slim but still powerful enough to run playing

Cute DoDo with each other baby  playing -Adorable DoDo baby monkey

Baby when the young monkey kidnaps -So sad baby monkeys

Pity the baby very much when the young monkey catch baby go on the tree

DoDo still struggles to get breast milk​​ from mother

I love DoDo baby monkey
Baby Monkeys are considered to be lovable

Cute DoDo wildlife ,DoDo is a baby different from other babies living with the mother
Sadie’s baby boy is learning how to eat fodder​ -Sadie mother and Rylee baby
Baby and the dear mother always bring joy to each other

DoDo starts learning to climb a tree near mother doris
DoDo need milk from mother

Jordan baby looks like a little energy

Adorable DoDo baby -Mother Doris and DoDo baby

Horror of the baby Yupy really pity the young girl catch for playing

Sadie caught Valentino on the top of the tree. Valentino screams loudly

Mother seems to be less caring about her baby -Mother Jorani and Jordan baby https://youtu.be/MT9x45azWLY
DoDo are so scared when other monkeys climb trees -DoDo Baby monkey https://youtu.be/00wjjbr9roY
Sweetness of the mother with the baby still exists

Life of the baby with the mother is different, some mothers love and other mothers not love baby


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