How to Drink Gnarly Breast Milk

How to Drink Gnarly Breast Milk

Let’s mix up a glass of a recent trend in health and fitness: Colostrum, the extra thick and goopy breast milk that mothers produce for a few days right around childbirth. Sound gross? Yeah, it sounds pretty disgusting to me too. So let’s see if there’s a less horrific way to drink it, and while we’re at it let’s see if there’s any good reason to do so.
But first let’s talk about exactly what colostrum is and what natural purpose it serves. Colostrum is the thick, sticky, yellow breast milk that mothers produce for just a few days, custom designed for a newborn infant’s special needs. If you’ve ever been a parent, you remember it well. You probably even have a more intense memory of the product that colostrum’s primary purpose serves to eject from the newborn body: meconium, that first black tar-like stool that often comes out under surprising pressure. Colostrum acts like a laxative to… (Read the rest at


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