How To Pump and Store Breast Milk

How To Pump and Store Breast Milk

Do you want to resume work after delivery, or are you facing issues while nursing? Well, if you can relate to either of the two situations, pumping breast milk can make your life a lot easier. Watch this video to understand how you can use a breast pump, how you can freeze and thaw breast milk, and more.

You can’t always be with your baby. If you’re sleep-deprived and want to sleep through the night, go out with your partner without the baby in tow, or pursue your career further, you can choose to pump and store breast milk. There are two types of pumps available in the market – electric and manual. After understanding their features, go for one which suits your requirements best.

Once you’ve pumped out the milk from your breasts, the question of where and how to store the breast milk arises. Right from the type of bottle you can use to how long you can safely store breast milk in the refrigerator or at room temperature, this video has the answers to the most frequently asked questions on pumping and storing breast milk.


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How to Pump & Store Breast Milk

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