Is my baby getting enough milk | Breastmilk vs Formula – Dr. Prathap Chandra

Is my baby getting enough milk | Breastmilk vs Formula - Dr. Prathap Chandra

Mother nature has designed mother’s milk in such a way that all mothers will be able to produce adequate amounts of milk to provide growth and nutrition for their babies. One of the best forms of increasing the milk production is to be with your baby. Another method called as Kangaroo Mother Care ( KMC ) is practiced in the Western world where the babies are put skin to skin contact on to the mothers chest. This would enable the mothers hormone to be released in adequate amounts. Two important hormones called the oxytocin and prolactin helps in the milk production and the ejection of the milk. The second factor is make sure the baby is latching on well to the aerolar area which will help in production of the milk as well as easy ejection of the milk to the baby. One of the ways to find out if your baby is getting adequate milk is to see milk flowing to the baby. You can see the milk in the baby’s mouth and you will feel fullness before you start the feeding and you will have the let down reflex after you finish the feeding. These are some of the ways to check if the milk produced is adequate. The babies will also sleep naturally for two to three hours after it has taken adequate feeds.
The best form of feeding for any baby is the mothers feeding. It is considered to be the best because it gives warmth to the baby, it gives bonding between the mother and the child and breast milk also has all the goodies in it including the anti bodies, the mineral, the vitamins and all the essential requirements for the baby. Sometimes, unfortunately especially after the Cesarean section, mothers would not be able to feed adequately. Babies would only need very small amounts of feedand for the first one or two days it is going to be the colostrum which is the milk that is yellowish in color and it is thick and full of fats and nutrition and that is the best form of milk. But with the mothers being in pain and after having Cesarean section, sometimes it is not always possible for them to produce this. It won’t be wrong if we give a stop gap formula feeds to these babies on one or two occasions, but always keeping in mind that mothers feeding should be established during these times.


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