Marian Rivera donates excess breast milk to babies in need

Marian Rivera donates excess breast milk to babies in need

Baby Mati will be drinking special breastmilk tonight as he tries to grow stronger so his parents can bring him home from the NICU. He was born too early and needs lifesaving breastmilk to combat all the life-threatening conditions of a preemie.😔 His mommy is still working on her supply so thankfully generous donors such as Mommy @marianrivera keep the milk flowing at our #TPEMilksharingHub ❤️ Encouraged by her husband @dongdantes to share the abundant milk she was blessed with, Mommy Marian recounted how she worked hard as well to express her milk for baby Ziggy while her daughter watched over her baby brother. But now that her stash is overflowing, she felt it was the right time to share her blessings. Watch our IGTV channel for the full video.🥰 We were so happy because she willingly submitted to our screening process which follows the national guidelines of social screening and submission of HIV and Hepa blood test results. Then Daddy Dong made sure there was enough ice to keep the milk frozen until it reached our freezers.👍🏻 #BecauseParentingIsALegacy we know that Zia whom they encouraged to help in the entire process will grow up remembering the generosity her parents modelled for her.🥰 #TheParentingEmporium #ParenthoodShared #GrowingWithYouAsParents


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