Milo is breastfeeding-What is he thinking?

Milo is breastfeeding-What is he thinking?

Dear Everyone ! This is where to share you about animals life style such as wild and pet animals ,so you can find out here about animals for searching knowledge educational and entertainment purpose every time every where.

This video : Milo is breastfeeding-What is he thinking? :

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This afternoon, AMY can play with other monkeys, she seems normal
It’s really worrisome-Baby Amy’s so weak she can’t walk by yourself

Amy’s condition is not as good today​- It’s really worrisome

LENO is loved by the mother and does not allow anyone to come near

Amy has an irritated face,bitten by other monkey

LENO is old 2 day now he good health

KEYLA’s sister, On the day of the funeral of KAYA-She’s no love her sister

AMY was bitten by other monkey yesterday-Now she’s better

UPDATE- Rest in peace KAYA We were unable to help her

UPDATE- Kaya is undergoing health tracking-PRAY KAYA BETTER SOON

KAYA drinks milk after meets a doctor- pray Kaya better soon

Now Kaya meets a doctor -Kaya has a neurological problem -She could not walk

Kaya is not yet able to move by making a massage to help her blood vessels

Newborn baby monkey today -Please give it a name

We’re making Kaya better and will send her to the hospital because the hospital is far away

HOT!-The poor little Kaya is saved and take her out from Keyla by the group of videographers

Where is my father-The newborn has not yet met his father

Jino funny baby monkey he like Comedian​

Tevi an adorable restless baby monkey

A sad mama monkey adopts a kitten after her baby died.

Amazing monkeys find ilce for each other as a whole family

Amy cuties baby monkey drink water

Amy more style is lovely baby monkey

Amy play after lunch

Amy beating very lovely

Amy hungry​​ he eat tree

Baby monkey with his mom on tree

Two monkeys Love each other

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