Newborn baby is breastfeeding on the tree 🌳 🌲

Newborn baby is breastfeeding on the tree 🌳 🌲

Dear Everybody! This is a Channel’s animals life style such as wild and pet animals ,so you can find out here about animals for searching knowledge educational and entertainment purpose every time every where.

This video : Newborn baby needs loving from Popeye Cora :

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Popeye Cora doesn’t know how to carry her baby she push her baby to her back instead

Popeye Cora hold the tail her baby because she doesn’t allowed baby go any where :

Neworn baby was born 5 days ago but he grows so fast :

Baby Milo is beaten by his mother-Milo is a poor baby since he was born : h

Baby Milo likes lotus fruit :

The weather is too hot baby Milo needs to drink more water :

Be careful baby Milo Amara looks after you :

Newborn Cary is breastfeeding looks like very delicate :

Baby Cary needs utmost care of his mother :

What is baby Cary looking ?:

Baby Milo plays alone-He is learning climb up metal fences :

OMG! Is funny Milo repairing a motorbike :

Amara wants to take taby Milo :

The monkey plays with kitten-They think the cats is like them too :

Baby Milo doesn’t know how to eat boiled corn :

Oh poor baby Niko, her mom pull her hair-How come the mom doesn’t feel any sympathy :

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