Part 1: Freeze Drying Breast Milk – The Benefit, The Research, The Supplies

Part 1: Freeze Drying Breast Milk - The Benefit, The Research, The Supplies

Freeze drying breast milk is a relatively new thing, but the possibilities and applications are endless! Freeze dried breast milk can be stored long-term, even for decades, without compromising the nutritional integrity or even the antibacterial and immune properties. You can find several promising studies and articles on freeze-drying breast milk, including the one below;
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Before you start, join my closed Facebook group dedicated to freeze drying breast milk! It’s a great place to discuss all things freeze dried breast milk and share your own adventures in drying your milk! It’s a great place to ask questions too!


Before you begin, you’ll need some supplies. This portion of the series may not require all of the supplies listed below, but they will be needed at some point through the process.

– Holographic Mylar Bags:
– 50cc Oxygen Absorbers:
– Nitrile gloves:
– 3″ Stainless Steel Putty Knife:
– Impulse Sealer (this comes with your Harvest Right freeze dryer)
– Gallon size zippered bags:
– Food Scale:
– Jewelry Scale:
– 4 cup glass measuring cup
– 1 cup glass measuring cup
– Empty jar with lid
– Scissors

Optional, but useful:
– Vacuum packer for re-sealing unused oxygen absorbers. I like the VacMaster 215:


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