Pregnancy/breastfeeding hoodie review

Pregnancy/breastfeeding hoodie review

A quick and easy way for breastfeeding journey
Our striped breastfeeding hoodie is designed for mothers who take it upon themselves to offer their little one their own milk. As children have a small stomach they must be fed after every few hours, which can be a huge hassle for the mother.

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Convenient and simple for mom with a baby
This stylish hoodie comes with a special hidden zipper at the front that allows your baby easy access to your breasts. So you won’t have to remove your top or place your baby under your hoodie while you feed them.
Premium grade materials for the new mom
Furthermore, the hoodie is manufactured using premium grade materials that are soft and cozy. Making sure that new mothers are perfectly in their element, and look and feel great at the same time. Making our breastfeeding hoodie a must have in your post-baby wardrobe collection.


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