RE: Patrick Explains STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (And Why It’s Great)

RE: Patrick Explains STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (And Why It's Great)

Sorry, I just couldn’t go on. I know he said how awesome Canto Bight was, but…who can take this kid seriously?

KingEmperorPenguin — A Military Analysis of The Last Jedi (or why is everyone incompetent?)

Patrick is a petulant child who doesn’t believe in logic. Or that humans are logical. Despite us being logical before inventing various types of logic.

He likes alien breast milk, so much, that if you don’t? Then he doesn’t want to be your friend. I guess he won’t share his candy with you after school, too. Maybe he’ll tell his mommy on you. She’s apparently in the video, too.

Remember, this is a movie for kids.
Remember, you can still take this seriously.
Remember, don’t get too angry about it.
This is all completely logical, but humans aren’t logical. Just like the characters in film.

Isn’t being an emotionally charged film critic fun?

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It’s all about that alien breast milk.


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