Shalebrook Handcrafted Soap – Cold Process Breast Milk by Valerie Mosher

Human Milk and COVID-19

COLD PROCESS Breast Milk Soap with Chia Seed Gel
#1 Always make sure you put through a Soap Calculator before using! Super Fatted at 8%. Used Sodium Lactate at 3% of oils. This was a 1lb batch.
Castor Oil – 15%
Coconut 76degree Oil – 15%
Kokum Butter – 10%
Mango Butter – 10%
Olive Oil (100% Pure) – 30%
Palm Oil – 20%

This will give you numbers of: 38 Hardness, 10 Cleansing, 59 Conditioning, 24 Bubbly, 41 Creaminess, 59 Iodine, and INS of 144.
1 Tbsp powdered sugar in lye water/AVJ and dissolved before adding lye.
Breast milk, 1Tbsp Yogurt, 2Tbsp chia seed gel, 1 tsp maple syrup.
Did heat transfer, chopped up fine hard oils, added hot lye (about 203F) melted hard oils , then added soft oils, then added the other additives.


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