TSA Breast Milk Screening PHX 2_1_10 part 3.wmv

TSA Breast Milk Screening PHX 2_1_10 part 3.wmv

During this portion of the screening, my items were looked through by some TSA agents, I was patted down, and then I had a talk with the TSA manager. He told me I had to have the milk go through the xray since the containers were too full (not a TSA rule) and the liquid was not clear (hello, it is milk?, and also not a TSA rule). I then begged him to read the TSA rules I had printed out. He read the first form which stated that medical liquids can have alternate screening (no xray). He was quick to say “well this isn’t a medical liquid!” So I had him read the second form which says breast milk is to be treated like a medical liquid. He then says, “well, not today.” I started balling all over again once he said that.


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