Wrong Way Poor Baby Janet – Why Baby Janet Breastfeeding Wrong Place Like This?

Wrong Way Poor Baby Janet - Why Baby Janet Breastfeeding Wrong Place Like This?

Wrong Way Poor Baby Janet – Why Baby Janet Breastfeeding Wrong Place Like This?
**Look at To Structure Below easy To understand**

#Structure of Amber group#
– Donkey lost power now stay in Amari group
– Kingkong, assistant of Donkey stay with Donkey Friend in Amari Group
+ Loki become the new king of Amber Group, he used to be an invader monkey-he very strong and gentle.
+ Rollroyce is young male monkey help Loki (Team Loki)
+ Mak is big male monkey and strong (team Loki)
– Eugene is old king lost power but many babies and female monkeys love him
-Aesop big male and strong monkey rule as assistant of Donkey
– Daisy has become an Alpha female in Amber recently, she had daughter April miscarriage baby one time and Rey (M)
-April has one son name Rain but has been missing and one daughter Spring (F)
-Queen used to be an Alpha female monkey but now she lost her position to Daisy. Queen had daughter Duchess Princess (F) and Solo (M)
-Violet mother monkey of Lily (F) and Loni (M)
-Diamond mother monkey of Amy (F) and Nanda (F)
-Gladdis mother monkey of Blacky Daniel (missing), Elvis(M) and Stoney (M)
– June old mother monkey of Selly (F)
– Selly mother monkey of Dara (missing), Vivi(dead by accident)and Vino(M)
-Mona mother monkey of Luna (F)
-Jade mother monkey of Amber (F) and Micah(M)
-Jane mother monkey of Tarzanna (F) and now she is carrying one more baby Janet
-Rossa mother monkey of Red (M) but he dead by accident
-Scarlet mother monkey of Rojo (M) and Sean(M)
-Elsa mother monkey of Angel (F) and Kelly(M)
-Butter mother monkey Buttercup(dead by accident) and Belina(F)
– Cara is female Pigtail monkey no children, but she love to take care all babies. She has adopted baby Bellina and Kelly.
– Teresa is very old pigtail monkey and kindness, she had one daughter Briana
– Briana mother monkey of Briget (F) and Bronco(M)
– Bonita mother monkey of Anita (F) and miscarriage baby this year
– Rocky is a young male monkey got abandon by his owner early of August but can’t join Amber Group yet. Rocky is living and make friend with Chimo.
– Nero big male monkey just join the group
– Vinnie is a big male monkey with one eat cut

#Structure of Amari Group#

-Achap has become the new King of Amari Group after King Brutus died
-Marcus is big male assistant in group
-Felix is a big male monkey with big belly now stay near team because Achap now allow him to group
-Caesar is a big male monkey has small eye one now he left group and try to join Amber group because he hate Achap.
-Chimo is a big male monkey has long face now he decide left group and try to join Amber Group. Now Living In Amber Group
-Amari is an Alpha female monkey had one daughter Jill, Jace (missing), Jack(M), and Lori (F). Now Amari and Lori are staying in Phnom Tamao Rescue Center
-Dolly has become an Alpha female instead of Amari, she had two daughter DeeDee and Sweetie
-Maria mother monkey of Kari(F) and Aiden (missing) (M)
– Sasha mother monkey (missing) – Jessie (F)
-Popeye is a mother monkey with one eye. She had two son Olive(missing), Sweetpea (M) and one daughter Polly (dead by accident)
-Jill is daughter of Amari, she have one son Brutus Jr
-Merry is old female monkey with one hand cut,she had one son Joey and daughter Sherry
-Dana is young female mother monkey just had only one son Donny
-Tima is very old female monkey, she had one daughter heather (dead by accident) and one son Timo
– Lucy is very old female monkey
-Ashley is pigtail monkey, she is very lovely and helps all baby in Amari group
-Donkey is Former King of Amber Group now stay in Amari group because invader from Team Loki
-King Kong is Assistant of Donkey in Amber Group but now leave with friend Donkey because invader from Team Loki.

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