Yantra – For mother to burn her karmas and produce more breast milk -Ep150 30-Jun-2020

15 Week Pregnancy Update | Breastfeeding While Pregnant


In this episode, Shri Gurudeva addresses the problem where few mothers say that they are not able to feed milk to the baby as there is no milk in the breasts. Because of this they get two queries:
1. Can I feed the milk with a bottle? Yes, this is the last option and the child will drink anyways.
2. Can I ask my neighbor or relative to feed the child as she can feed?

A mothers milk will give good health and longer life for the child because that is the purest and fresh form of milk. If some other lady feeds the baby, then one needs to think a lot. In the current world where everything is affected by virus/bacteria (ex: Corona virus), lots of sanitize, social distancing etc, getting the baby fed with other lady’s milk needs lots of introspection.

All karmas from our previous birth affects the mother not able to feed the child due to insufficient milk production. In Garbhopanishad, a lot of importance is given to mothers’ milk which has lots of satva. Hence drinking other’s milk may induce doshas/shapas/papas/infections of the other lady into the child. Hence, the milk from goumaata fed with a bottle is much much safer. Modern science says there is no problem with another lady feeding milk for your child. There is no reference to say that Mother’s milk is divine nectar whereas a cow’s milk is always referred to as nectar (amrutha). For God’s abhisheka, cow’s milk is used, not mother’s milk. Hence mother’s milk should be of the purest form.

How to purify the milk in a mother is the question?
Garbhopanishad signifies the reasons for this problem where a mother cannot feed her child.
1. Dosha from previous birth – if she has stolen milk in the previous birth. This will also create allergy towards milk, hence wont drink milk at all.
2. If black magic or bad eyesight or kidnapping is done for any child in the last birth, then mother’s milk will turn as poison for the child and the child will die.
3. Only parents given birth to the girl child should do kanyadana or panigrahahana during marriage. If in previous birth the parents have not done this, then they won’t be able to have a child or the mother cannot feed the child. Nowadays, all people with bad karmas are doing kanyadaana. Hence marriage gets affected.

No medicine can cure this problem of doshas and papas. Even deciding on a baby’s birth on a specific day as per our convenience is not good, natural date of birth is the best star, rashi and thithi. Mother should feed more and more milk from her breasts. The child and mother relationship will be stronger. Nowadays, mothers forcibly stop feeding their kids to maintain their beauty. Gurudeva says beauty lies in achara vichara and samkaara.

This yantra will get rid of all karmas doshas mentioned above and purifies the mammary glands of the mother. Please refer to the yantra as shown in the picture. Some show interest in this, some will not. Giving breast milk will give lots of immunity power to the child.

1. Write on bhuja patra
2. Do pooja and do red crystal sugar (kempu kallu sakkare) and milk naivedya to the yantra.
3. Tie this yantra using a red thread and tie it to the waist/heart/neck.

This will burn all shaapas of the mother and the child. Each beeja akshara removes each shaapa paapa and produces more milk. This activates cells and tissues which help in producing more and more milk. Surrogate mother is not good.

Write this on Friday morning after sunrise and do the pooja as mentioned above.

Thanks.. Sairam


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