LIVE 6 Newborn KittenCam 24/7 powered by PAWsitive

LIVE 6 Newborn KittenCam 24/7 powered by PAWsitive

Quick Update 3/15/20: Sorry, guys. Our Internet in Los Angeles keeps going out so our livecam does too. Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you get the most updated link to the live cam or go to our main channel page. I will always feature the live cam.

6 Newborn kittens born 3.9.2020 at 10 AM – 3 PM. Names and gender reveal soon! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for naming and gender guessing contests! Please subscribe to our channel and give this live cam a 👍and we’ll do more kitten live cams! This is a live broadcast 24/7 until the kittens are adopted from Los Angeles, California.

If you are interested in adopting a kitten and live in Los Angeles, please fill out this application:
Please note “Samantha Kittens” and which kitten, in particular, you are interested in adopting.

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3.20.20 – 3.21.20
The kittens are slowly opening their eyes. Their boy and girls bits are starting to develop so I can start to tell boys and girls. Confirmation to come.

The kittens have runny noses. Momma was very sick about 3-4 weeks ago so I fear they may have the same condition. Following up with the vet via email. Updates soon.

The kittens are noticeably bigger. Momma is doing a great job feeding the little milk guzzlers. The three black kittens lost their umbilical cords today and yesterday.

3.9.2020 – Babies Born
It’s a miracle! Of course, I went to the grocery store and when I come back a baby was already born. I didn’t even know Sam was in labor. She had slept with me all night and didn’t show any indication of pain. She was her usual purring, affectionate self. Her very small size led me to believe that she might have another week. Not so…clearly.

There is no way she could have more than 3 in that teeny tiny body.

6 babies later! Unbelievable. 3 black kittens, 1 silver/gray, and 2 ginger’s. Not a single calico kitty or tortie kitty from a tortie cat. LOL.

Full Story:
Momma Samantha was found dumped in a field in Yucaipa, California. She was very pregnant. Her incredibly friendly nature leads us to believe that she was likely abandoned because she became pregnant and the owner simply could not deal with her condition. This is a lesson in #spayingandneuteringyourpet. No unwanted pregnancies.

Her time alone during the cold January months meant she came to us sick. She stopped eating and drinking. Her body became frail. Her breathing labored as she was full of congestion. She had an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI.) As her foster, we had to make the decision of treating her with antibiotics and risk harming the kittens or simply mom would not have survived. The decision was easy. We had to save her.

If you are interested in adopting Samantha or any of her kittens, you can inquire with Cats At The Studios a 501(c)(3) rescue based in Los Angeles, CA see links below.

We’d love to hear your rescue story! Write to us:

#apawsitivechange #adoptdontshop #kittens #animalrescue #rescuesrock #adopt #pawsitive #cute #cats

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