My Bf Made A DNA Test Of Our Newborn Child. Unexpected Results

My Bf Made A DNA Test Of Our Newborn Child. Unexpected Results

Hi! My name is Alex, I’m 22 years old. Now I have to raise a child alone because I have lost all the people who were dear to me. I did something rash and started an affair with a College Professor while I was dating another guy. I regret it a lot, and now I have to pay for it.

Three years ago, I moved to another city to go to college. It was a responsible and important stage in my life, and, of course, I was kind of scared. But there was a guy with me who always supported me and loved me. It was Mike, my boyfriend and the love of my life. At the time, we had been in a relationship for two years already. So after high school, we didn’t break up like couples usually do. We decided to go to the same college to continue to be together. And everything was perfect until Mike messed it up. One night I was studying hard for an exam. I was literally swimming in books. Suddenly my friend burst into my room. She had a phone in her hand, and she said that I urgently needed to see something. Then she handed me the phone. There was an Instagram story from a party somewhere on our campus. Someone was just filming a room filled with people having fun. And at the very end of the story, you could see some couple kissing in the corner. Unfortunately, it was Mike.

I immediately rushed to my phone and called him, but he didn’t pick up. I spent the whole night in tears, and I couldn’t even think about studying. In the morning I went to the exam all pale and tired. And I failed it. But the teacher saw that I was out-of-sorts and agreed to help me correct my mistakes, so I got an average grade. I need to stop here and tell you about this teacher, Mr. Jefferson. Actually, he asked me to call him David. He was a young teacher who had just recently finished his fellowship, and began teaching history to students. Oh, all the girls in our group fell head over heels in love with him. And it was clear why. He was attractive, charismatic, and very sweet. And he always treated his students with respect and care. I’m pretty sure that’s why he agreed to help me. And he didn’t stop at helping me with the exam. That same day, I had a big fight with Mike. I couldn’t let go of the fact that he was kissing another girl, and we broke up. I felt terrible because I loved him so much, and I couldn’t believe that he had done that to me. That evening, I was sitting at home and just crying, but suddenly I got a message on my phone. It was from David.

He was worried about my state of mind that morning and asked me how I was feeling. I know you shouldn’t share personal feelings with strangers, but Mr. Jefferson wasn’t just an ordinary teacher. I felt more like he was a friend, and I decided to trust him. So I told him that my two-year relationship had just ended. He felt bad for me, and he tried to cheer me up. I chatted with him until it was almost morning, and he invited me for coffee. He distracted me from my problems, and even managed to make me laugh a couple of times, and I didn`t even notice how, at one point, he took my hand, and I saw everything in his eyes. Honestly, I felt the same way. Yeah, I guess it was then that we fell in love.

It happened naturally, and it was beautiful. My broken heart stopped hurting, and I felt like I could be happy again. So we started dating. Of course, teacher-student relationships are off-limits, and we knew it. So we took every precaution. We didn’t show our feelings in class or on campus, and we only met far from our campus in another part of town. But a secret always becomes clear. We sat, as usual, in a coffee shop, at a table in the corner, and kissed. But suddenly my classmates came in, and they saw everything. Not just saw, they even began to laugh and whisper. Oh, that was so awkward. After our date, I was walking home through campus, and I wanted to talk to my friends so that I could ask them to not reveal my secret. But Mike came out of nowhere, and he ran up to me. It looks like he was waiting for me near the dorm. He had a huge bouquet of lilies and he tearfully asked me for forgiveness. Mike said that he had nothing with that girl and that he loved me. I may have been angry with him, but my favorite lilies calmed me down. He still remembered… After that, we talked for a long time and remembered how good we were together, and Mike asked me to not let his mistake ruin our future. I have to say, this basically melted my heart. We had really been through a lot together, and apparently I still had feelings for him. I realized that maybe my fleeting relationship with David was a mistake, and he just showed up at the right time and in the right place.

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