THE TRUTH ABOUT HAVING A NEWBORN | Truths On Postpartum, Motherhood, Newborn Care, More…

THE TRUTH ABOUT HAVING A NEWBORN | Truths On Postpartum, Motherhood, Newborn Care, More...

This video does have a happy ending! I promise! 😄 Todays video is the TRUTH about having a newborn baby. I wanted to make this video because I feel like I needed a video like this when I was pregnant or when I was in the thick of it as a first time mom. Now that I have been in the mom game a few years and am looking back on my journey, this is what I would have told a younger me on postpartum anxiety, newborn care, and first time motherhood in general.

I know there are soooo many other truths beyond this, so please comment them below!

While the beginning of this video may not seem the happiest, it is a reality for many first time moms with newborns. Instagram and facebook did not properly prepare me for the newborn stage lol. Maybe for some moms facebook is accurate, but I think many of us know it is not the full truth. If you relate to anything in this video comment below because you are not alone!! And if you are pregnant, welcome to the mommy group 😄 It IS hard, but it IS WORTH IT.

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