12 Week Ultrasound Anatomy Scan | Pregnancy Vlog

Week 23 Pregnancy Vlog | Migraines Suck

I wanted to post an update on my 12-week ultrasound and anatomy scan and chat about how it went. I’m currently 36 years old and having my 3rd baby, so the anatomy scan along with the genetic blood work will determine the chances of any genetic disorders present. Since I’m 36, this test includes a gender determination via blood test (wahoo!). I will be posting our gender reveal here soon!!

WARNING: I apologize in advance for my CV19 appearance..my hair is long overdue for color and cut, my skin is horrible from 1st-trimester hormones, I’m extremely tired, and my nails need some love… But, I’m here for it!

***Are you currently pregnant? If so, how far along and how old are you right now? Comment below!***

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VIDEOS UP NEXT: Telling the kids we’re pregnant and the gender reveal!! Make sure you have your notification turned on. LOVE YOU!

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