20 WEEK ANATOMY SCAN – What to Expect – My Experience – Pregnancy Update

20 WEEK ANATOMY SCAN - What to Expect - My Experience - Pregnancy Update

I’m sharing my real experience and full ultrasound footage of my 20 week anatomy scan. I’ll go over my tips, and what you can expect. Are you preparing for your ultrasound? If you are anything like me you’re feeling excited and anxious at the same time! Let me put your mind at ease and help you walk into your appointment confident and with joyful expectation!

The doctor showed us our baby’s gender, brain, spine, heart, bladder, kidneys, hands, feet, lips, nose, eyes, umbilical cord, placenta, amniotic fluid….THE WORKS! Baby boy is healthy and developing normally and we are beyond thankful!

*Timestamps below*

0:26 – When do anatomy scans occur and what are they examining?
1:15 – Emotions going into the scan & finding out the gender
2:12 – How long does the scan take?
2:50 – Wait times at the appointment. Can you go pee before the exam?
3:49 – Will the tech tell you what they see during the scan?
5:00 – BIGGEST TIP that no one told me!
5:25 – Will the exam hurt or make you sore?
7:05 – What will you see on the ultrasound screen?
7:35 – What if the doctor delivers bad news?
24:05 – Wrap up! ……How many times did I say “ok” YIKES!

I was 20 weeks 6 days at my ultrasound. If that date is accurate my baby is 79% for size! BIG BABY! The baby’s head and stomach size were dating almost 2 weeks further along – but there is a 14 day margin for error, according to my doctor!

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