20 week pregnancy update! (WE GOT TO SEE THE BABY!!!)

20 week pregnancy update! (WE GOT TO SEE THE BABY!!!)

TMI WARNING! Hey everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! We thought what better day to release our pregnancy announcement video and my pregnancy updates to you all than the day of love!?! In this video I talk about our first and only ultrasound, my anterior placenta, feeling the baby kick, symptoms as of today, and plans for the future! We are so excited that we are half way through this beautiful pregnancy with our sweet rainbow baby. This baby has been such a blessing and also such a lesson from the Lord to trust Him and surrender to His perfect plan. We cannot wait to meet you, sweet and perfect angel BABY! And if you’re watching this video, we are keeping my pregnancy a secret from social media until after the birth so please keep our secret safe with you! We love you ALL.

(I also forgot to update on my varicose veins but they’ve honestly gotten a lot better! Sometimes I feel them, sometimes I don’t, so I’m hopeful they won’t get worse as this babe grows…. But we’ll see! I also have been having braxton hicks contractions for the past 6 weeks or so but I think they only kick in when I’m not drinking enough water so I try to drink close to a gallon of water a day. I never had braxton hicks with Crew and it’s been so weird to have them this time around and so early on but maybe all these practice contractions will give us a super fast labor!)

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