21 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE | Going For My Scan Alone, Gender Reveal & Wearing Masks

My sister is a hippie naturalist. Her after nursing her newborn, using milk for breakfast cereal lol

20 21 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE | Going For My Scan Alone, Gender Reveal & Wearing Masks
I’m a bit behind posting this due to internet issues! But here is my 20-21 week pregnancy update where I share with you what it was like going for a scan alone, our gender reveal and what life is like being pregnant during this time

Finding out I am Pregnant video: https://youtu.be/qnmM7aRqdRg

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Hiii, I’m Lucie! I’m a parenting and lifestyle blogger and mum to five year old Harry. Harry was born profoundly deaf and is a bilateral Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant user. You can follow our journey over here and on my Instagram @lucieandthebump

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