25 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE | Ultrasound and Glucose Test Results

25 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE | Ultrasound and Glucose Test Results

There was quite a bit to update you all on for my 25 week pregnancy update. I got another ultrasound to check on the baby, I got my glucose test results back and I also share a few new symptoms! I’ve said it every update but I am SO SO thankful that our problems are so little compared to what others are facing, but, it’s still hard not to worry or get emotional over the unknown.

My name is Skye, I’m a young 20 year old mom married to my highschool sweetheart! We have a 17 month old named Hugh and pregnant with baby #2 which is our team green baby and possibly our last!
I hope you enjoy following this crazy journey of motherhood, being a young family all while owning our own cattle business and soon to be two under two!Thank you for any and all support, we love you!

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