4-8 WEEKS PREGNANT! Early pregnancy symptoms, 8 week pregnant belly shot, pregnancy update weeks 4-8

15 Week Pregnancy Update | Breastfeeding While Pregnant

This video shares my 4-8 week pregnancy update and early pregnancy symptoms overall for pregnancy #2! Thanks for watching and subscribing!

I share my experience being pregnant while having a 12 month old, having endometriosis, breast feeding while pregnant and working full time while doing life! I share an 8 week bump shot and will continue to do so in all pregnancy updates from here on out.

A few of my week 4 pregnancy symptoms include nausea, heartburn, lightheadedness, being overly thirsty and more. What are your early pregnancy symptoms?

Please share below when you’re due and if you’ve had any 4-8 week pregnancy symptoms that were the same or different from mine.

If you missed it, checkout my TWO WEEK WAIT SYMPTOMS video here:


Sending love to all of those who are TTC and those in the TTW window. Let me know if you are TTC or pregnant in the comments and we can all support each other on our journeys.

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