7 Weeks Pregnant – 7 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

7 Weeks Pregnant - 7 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

7 weeks pregnant is stage in pregnancy is time when your baby develops many important and vital part of the body. What is happening in week 7 of your pregnancy? Week 7 of your pregnancy is a period of important changes for both you and your baby. You baby is growing rapidly in your womb. Baby has doubled in size since last week and now measures half an inch long, about the size of a blueberry. Embryo tail is getting smaller and will soon disappear. Umbilical cord has also devolved in the womb!
During 7th week of pregnancy, your baby’s head and face are developing. Nostrils appear and eye lenses begin forming. Hands and feet are also sprouting. Your baby’s skin is paper thin, almost transparent. Thumb sucking has been detected in babies from as early as 7 weeks. Brain cells are generated at the rate of 100 per minute. A delicate network of nerves is spreading through your baby’s body. They are going to start making constant little motions, as their brain and spinal cord sends signals to the muscles in their body.
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