ASMR Pregnancy Whisper: My Belly is Growing Fast (33 Weeks)

ASMR Pregnancy Whisper: My Belly is Growing Fast (33 Weeks)

I’m a bit over 33 weeks pregnant already! My belly is growing FAST. In this ASMR pregnancy vlog I whisper about how I’m doing. I had a busy week at the news room, and now I’ve only got two more days of work left before I get to stay home and wait for the baby to arrive! I am so excited, guys! I hope you are doing just as great as I am. Happy Sunday!



Hi, I’m Maaike aka MissVindicat. I’m 37 years old and I live in the Netherlands with my cats Harvey and Mike. I’m single by heart and currently well on my way to become a single mother by choice. I’ve always loved the sound of whispers and I’ve been whispering here on YouTube since 2010.

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