CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT at 14 weeks pregnant

CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT at 14 weeks pregnant

In todays video I am getting my first chiropractic treatment since becoming pregnant and moving back to Denmark.

The chiropractor who treats me is my old colleague Kim Corfixen who works from a clinic in Copenhagen called Kiropraktorerne i Valby.
This is also the same clinic where I did my internship when I finished chiropractor school back in 2009.

I use adjustments as a proactive tool to feel my best at all times. You don’t need to be in pain to see a chiropractor! I find that after the treatment I sleep better, I am more focused and have significantly reduced my tension headaches. During my pregnancy I have received chiropractic treatments about 2 x month during my 2nd trimester and once a week during my 3rd trimester.


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