Early Stages Of Pregnancy

Early Stages Of Pregnancy

So I started this blog to share experiences and information about pregnancy and motherhood because people will tell you things and exaggerate just to scare you, when fear is the last thing you need during these times. I’m also doing this because I recently gave birth to my precious baby girl and my experience was nothing like what I was told by people. I’m not saying your experience will be like mine but I just wanna share truths and nothing close to exaggeration. Also I am no doctor but I love being a mother to my baby and I really enjoy it and I’ve learnt so much in this short space of time and I wanna share all of that and make your experience to be just as fun, also the blood type that I speak about here I have to emphasize that, it blood type O- . So let’s be amazing mothers together and ensure our babies grow happy and healthy.


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