Hospital Bag Essentials | Pregnancy Update Week 33 | Mommy and Me

Hospital Bag Essentials | Pregnancy Update Week 33 | Mommy and Me

The impending birth of my baby gets closer every day and planning for the birth is essential. A very important part is hospital bag essentials. Last pregnancy I was not prepared with my bag, which was a bit naive of me. This time around my bag will be packed and ready to go!

A big recommendation is not to put a ton of stuff in your hospital bag. You just need the essentials because you won’t random items. First off is clothes, bring pajamas, definitely a dark older pair, bring comfy clothes to wear to lounge around in, and bring a change of clothes for your baby! Also, definitely throw in some clothes for your husband.

One thing I wished I brought last time, but I was not prepared, is snacks. I’m not sure why I didn’t get around to buying stuff, but I did not and this time around I will be prepared! They are not just for you, but also for your husband. You also never know how long labor will actually take. You might get a bit hungry.

Something that I brought last time that I’m not really even going to deal with this time is a birth plan. Honestly, it didn’t matter if I wanted to try a walking epidural first because I was already past that point. I found that it’s super hard to plan for the actually process of birth. If you feel as though that is right for you then great, but for me I’m just going to see where I’m at when it all goes down.

My goal is to have everything lined up for my hospital bag by the end of the month. Remember that you will have to pack some last minutes items like your toothbrush, make up, and toiletries. Trust me, you’ll want make-up especially if you plan on taking any newborn photos with your baby!

Hospital bag essentials is a must and the earlier you plan for it the better! Like I said this time around I will be prepared! It’s such an important part of everyone’s pregnancy journey! Make sure you check out our full video for our pregnancy update week 33!




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