My Beautiful Baby 13 Weeks

My Beautiful Baby 13 Weeks

Meet my baby who died when I was 13 weeks pregnant. The photos are beautiful. These are actual photos that were taken of my real baby the day after he was delivered. This is also my story about how I and my community responded to miscarriage. Photos taken by Nicole Johnson. THANK YOU, Nikki!! For more photos and my personal stories, visit my blog at This video and the photos are copyrighted. Please do not steal it for your own or alter it in any way. You can also contact me at

NOTE: “13 weeks” means the baby was in the 13th week of pregnancy, which is the last week of the first trimester. This is 11 weeks after conception.

For those who have a hard time believing that this is representative of actual fetal development at 13 weeks, please look at medical documentation, medical drawings, and other photos that women have shared of their miscarried babies. Perhaps you can learn more about the development of a baby in the womb.

All the photos are beautiful. Human life is beautiful!

Approximately 75,000 babies at this stage are aborted every year.


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