Over 40 Weeks Pregnant | My Pregnancy Pedicure by My Husband | IVF Success

Over 40 Weeks Pregnant | My Pregnancy Pedicure by My Husband | IVF Success

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Hi friends!

I was just complaining about how I wasn’t able to get a pedicure due to the quarantine we are all under that has caused all salons to be closed. I asked Mondo if he would give me a pedicure and he actually said yes! We thought it would be fun to show you what and how he did. What do you think? Did he do a good job?

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About Me:

After trying to conceive for 10 years, my husband, Mondo and I are finally pregnant! In the process, we have tried 2 rounds of IUI’s, 1 round of IVF, 1 failed frozen embryo transfer and we are currently pregnant with a baby girl from our second frozen embryo transfer. We are overwhelmed with excitement as we prepare for this IVF baby. Join us as we plunge into parenthood.


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