Pregnancy Loss at 22 weeks: Results Trisomy 18

Pregnancy Loss at 22 weeks: Results Trisomy 18

In Memory of Julien Dean Hess 11.7.2019


HERE’S MY STORY. This is our first pregnancy. We found out I was pregnant in June 2019 and couldn’t have been any happier. I went through 1st trimester with a breeze. But on October 25th, 2019, I went in for my 20 week anatomy scan with happiness and excitement as we were going to find out the gender! Within minutes of my ultrasound the tech had that concerned look on her face. Her and the doctor told my husband and I that I had low amniotic fluid and my baby was measuring 3 weeks behind. They immediately referred me to a high risk doctor after taking a quad test on me. I was sad and crying the whole way home. I didn’t understand what was going on. So that Monday, we saw the high risk doctor and during another ultrasound, they saw where the concern was. My baby’s kidneys were small and hardly there. The heart rate was down from my last appointment as well. The doctor took us into a closed room to let us know our options. They were to terminate or continue the pregnancy but there’s a possibility that you will give birth and your baby may pass minutes after. We decided we were continuing this pregnancy because to us we had HOPE! Hope that our little one would be OK. So I was now 21 weeks, and we went to see a new OB and told her our story so far. She made an appointment with us for a week later. We also did a NIPT test. Well between that day and the appointment my husband and I just stayed positive, but on November 7th, 2019, we lost our baby. The heartbeat could not be detected anymore. We were saddened and could not believe it. My baby was tested positive for having Trisomy 18 which also detected as triploidy. We would have never thought we’d be in this situation ever.

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