15 Week Pregnancy Update | Breastfeeding While Pregnant

First pregnancy update ever! This was actually filmed in November 2019 but I am just posting it now. Instead of focusing on the symptoms of the 2 week wait before you can find out if you are really pregnant, I am sharing our longer than expected journey of getting pregnant. We ended up falling into the very average category of 85% of couples getting pregnant within a year, but the wait. was. excruciating. At the same time, I struggled with the false idea that your life ends when you start a family. Who knew the journey of getting pregnant would also involve solving a career crisis too? It’s crazy to relive how much I struggled mentally and emotionally in 2019 but it’s amazing to look back and smile at how everything comes together perfectly in the end. Spoiler update: there are tears!

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Hello! My name is Ashley, I was born and raised in the Bay Area and currently reside in South Bay (#SoBaLife) with my husband, some roommates and a new baby on the way. This is an outlet for me to share and document things like life transitions (wedding, career, baby, etc), skincare and other hobbies I pick up along the way. Thanks for watching!

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