In this pregnancy week by week series, I talk about early term vs full term and a gift that I got for my toddler in this weeks 37 weeks pregnant update.

Welcome to my 37 weeks pregnancy update/bumpdate.
In this video, I talk about baby’s development, I delve into pregnancy symptoms that I’ve experienced this week, early term versus full term and what the difference is and then I share a bump/belly shot at the end.

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What to expect at 37 weeks pregnant. At 37 weeks (third trimester) the baby’s the size of a a kettlebell. My baby measured in at 19 inches long and a little over 6lbs in my latest 37 week ultrasound. Which I also share in this video. This week the baby starts to slow weight gain and gains roughly 1oz a day. The pleura withihn the lungs is developing and this is one of the key differences between an early baby and a full term baby.

This week in my 37 week pregnancy update/bumpdate, I discuss what an early term baby is. This is a newer definition brought up by the Academy of Obstetics in hopes to decrease the likelihood of elective inductions and c sections before 39 weeks gestation. Why? Because babies born before 39 weeks have much greater risk of health complications including: hypoglycemia, breathing issues and risk of infection versus those born after. I share an ultrasound that was done this week and I also share what we gave our toddler son as a gift for becoming a big brother.

To avoid being repetitive, check out my previous updates for a full recap of my pregnancy symptoms:

I take you through pregnancy week by week.

I end each bumpdate with a belly or bump clip. This will be my 37 week baby/belly bump.

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If you’re new here, my name is Sarah. Yes, I’m a muslim mama – a pregnant muslim at that haha. I put the emphasis on muslim, because I know off hand it’s the very first thing you’ll notice about me as I wear the islamic head covering, the hijab. With that being said, my videos are not here to shove my religion onto anyone. I make videos to showcase that we are not that different. I’m a mama, a wife, sister, friend – a human. I hope to break down stereotypes and show others a side of those, like myself.

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