Being A Single Mom: Why I Feel Like I’m Failing

Being A Single Mom: Why I Feel Like I’m Failing

You guys…. This is my first raw video.
It was 5am, and I turned on the camera.
I didn’t do my makeup.
I didn’t fix my edges.
I even allowed myself to continue recording after realizing my lips were crusty 😫
Life gets hard. . My mood changes. . My drive disappears, and I just don’t feel inspired or good enough.

In this video I will be documenting my nighttime thoughts as a single mother struggling to dig myself out of a hole. This is not a cry for help, this is a look inside what it’s like to not totally be accepting of yourself while trying to overcome reality…. While being a mom, too.

I hope some of you can relate, and you enjoy this type of content as I will be diving more into just being transparent like this. I hope you all are doing well, and remember you’re not alone ❤️

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Philippians 4:13; It simply says that I can do ALL things.


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