Challenges faced by Single Mother in Nigeria

Challenges faced by Single Mother in Nigeria

Single Parenting is not an easy task to handle anywhere in the world. We got inspired to do this video of these women, Derin and Kafayat Akintayo who are both single mothers.

Derin is a mother of two kids who at the time when she was with her Ex-husband, was abused by him. Derin had to focus on taking care of her kids and has been able to do so through her meat selling business for numerous clients across all industries. If you will love to see the previous video we made which explains a day in the life of Derin, click the link Below:

Kafayat Akintayo is a mother of three kids, who lost her husband to an untimely motorcycle accident. She has been able to take care of her family through the help of her aunt who has come to her aid. Kafayat fends for her kids by helping her aunt with her food selling business. We have also made a video of Kafayat where she narrates and demonstrated the traditional way of feeding a baby in Nigeria. To watch this video, click the link below:

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