Ep 154: Eat, Sleep, Trade, Repeat with Single Mom & Newbie Trader Tessa Lamping

15 Week Pregnancy Update | Breastfeeding While Pregnant

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No two trading stories are the same. But Tessa Lamping’s story is really quite exceptional! She’s an inspiring, ambitious, strong woman who’s making day trading work … all while working part time … and as a single mom with a kid who’s currently teething!

It’s just the ladies today with Kim Ann Curtin conducting the interview … You won’t want to miss Tessa’s unique take on life, trading, and getting ahead in a male-dominated sector.

Note: Looking for more interviews with awesome women traders? Check out Ep. 153 with Jane Gallina, AKA “Airplane Jane”!

✅Follow Tess’a’s Journey:
Twitter: twitter.com/tessalamping.
Instagram: instagram.com/tessalamping
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoDEMWr0ljtCD4VY3481bjA
My Website: TessaLamping.com

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